About Us


A radio station was born

Tulip Radio and Blackfriars Arts Centre launch 'Stump Radio', Boston's first community radio station. It is a short-term licence, meaning only allowed to broadcast for 28 days.

July 15th 2006

We came back

...for another 28 days thanks to Tulip and Blackfriars.

Summer 2007

We came back again

(this is when we took over) and the radio proved so popular we brought it back again for Christmas but with a name change 'Endeavour FM.'

July 12th 2008

We launched 'Endeavour Online'

...our attempt to keep going on the internet, given we weren't allowed to carry on with FM (yet) and we have been online until the present day! We had an influx of youngsters from the Boston Grammar School, who we trained - four of which now work in radio. We went from helping people with their outside events, to organising our own.

March 28th 2009

Boston flooded

...and we were on air. In fact, we were the first in the area to let people know of the impending danger. We stayed on air until the water was coming into the radio station itself. Something we will never forget.

Flood Aid

We organised 'Flood Aid'

A fundraiser for flood victims and the biggest musical event the town had seen in years. We were also invited to apply for a full-time licence before the summer and in December we were awarded it by Ofcom.


We were really really busy

Preparation and planning for full-time FM got underway and in the summer we hosted 'The Big Boston Gig', a weekend music event to bring touring bands and celebrate local talent in Boston.

FM Radio

Endeavour FM

On August 22nd, we finally launched full-time as 107 Endeavour FM.


We turned up the power

We were given access to turn up the power, allowing us to reach more villages and communities.



The COVID-19 pandemic meant a lot of businesses had to close, including the Endeavour FM Studios to some of our presenters. As an alternative, we started home broadcasts to keep everyone entertained through the challenging times.


What's Happening

Tayloritex Autumn 2020 Adult Skills Courses
Boston & Surrounding Area
Thursday 1st October
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